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Feeling inspired but not sure what to do next? Find ideas & resources here on ways that you can put God’s Word into action. Check back often as new links & suggestions will be added.

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Help Stop Human Trafficking

What can you do to help end injustice around the world? Nearly two million children are trapped in the commercial sex trade, and you can help them. Act now.

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5 Easy Ways to Share Jesus Online

You may be the only person in your family or workplace who is a Christian, and just like a spoon full of salt in a glass of water, you can make an impact on this circle of people. Are you looking for some easy ways to share the gospel? Here are a few tips...

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25 Ways to Share the Bible

When it comes to encouraging others and spreading the gospel, it's all about creating connections. In any given conversation, relationship, or scenario, you are only a few degrees away from an opportunity to influence another person.

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Help End Malaria

Learn what you can do to help combat this global killer.

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Microfinance is the practice of providing financial services to entrepreneurs in impoverished countries who have no collateral, credit history, or access to traditional lending services. Learn how you can help.

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Women of Vision

Women of Vision is a volunteer ministry of World Vision, a Christian relief and development organization, which equips women to serve impoverished and oppressed women and children worldwide. We seek to educate and inspire women to action in an effort to alleviate the injustice and inequities that exist for women and their families.

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30 Hour Famine

The 30 Hour Famine is a worldwide movement of students who are serious about serving God and fighting hunger - all on an empty stomach.

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Help Fight Child Trafficking

Members of Congress will be returning to Washington after the elections to take care of unfinished business. One of the first things that we want them to do is pass the Child Protection Compact Act (CPCA), a bill that provides assistance to countries that are serious about fighting child trafficking.

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"Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another." Romans 12:10 (NKJV)


On your next trip to the grocery store find a senior citizen or a mom with small children and help take their bags to their car.

Try it out and come back here to share your story.

God's Word in Action is partnering with World Vision to help eradicate global and domestic poverty. You can take action, too, and change a child's life forever through child sponsorship or a donation to child and family health.

Sponsor a Child Today! Donate Today!


Your Ideas for Taking Action

Try to strike up conversation while you are at a stand still at a restaurant or super market. Act cheerful and smile, it always makes people feel warmer and also inclines them to ask why you are so happy which allows you to share!

Nick T  |  25  |  Orlando, FL

Buy $5 & $10 giftcards to restaurants (Subway, McDonald's) to carry with you to be able to hand out to homeless people you come across during your day.

Karen Barnes  |  27  |  Nashville, TN

Make a point to open the door for as many people as possible today.

Ben Jordan  |  30  |  Dallas, TX

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